Allen County actively invests all available funds to receive the highest return possible according to the Ohio Revised Code Section 135.35. These investments are reviewed quarterly by the Investment Advisory Committee that consists of the Treasurer and two County Commissioners. My role as your county’s Investing Authority is to maximize the financial return on the County’s excess cash balances consistent with the complete safety of the portfolio’s value and the liquidity desired. The policies are designed to ensure the prudent management of public funds, the availability of funds when needed, and an investment return competitive with those of comparable funds. Eligible investments according to Section 135.35 ORC that Allen County invest in consist of:

  • Federal Agency Coupons
  • Federal Agency Callable Coupons
  • Certificates of Deposits (both CDs and CDARs)
  • U.S. Treasury Bills
  • STAR Ohio
  • Commercial Paper

For a copy of Allen County’s Investment Policy, please click HERE.

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