Administrative Foreclosures (294 Board)


Delinquent Vacant Land List  (Download)

(Updated List Coming Soon)

  • To return abandoned vacant lands back to productive use.
  • To generate tax revenue from properties that do not contribute to society.
  • To eliminate deficits in court costs that are passed on to political subdivisions during the real estate tax settlement process.
  • To allow future development and growth within communities.
  • To help eliminate blighted vacant properties in neighborhoods.
  • To greatly expedite the foreclosure process.
Statutory Authority
  • 2006 Ohio House Bill 294, signed into law by Governor Strickland on June 28, 2006, effective September 28, 2006.
  • Ohio Revised Code sections 323.65 through 323.79.
  • Cities, Villages, Townships, and School Districts (CVTS) pass an Ordinance / Resolution to authorize the initiation of administrative foreclosures through the Allen County Board of Revision. They can do this because the CVTS wants the property itself or, because another party has agreed by contract to buy it.
  • Allen County Treasurer’s Office publishes a list of abandoned vacant lands that are eligible for Administrative Foreclosure (click on Delinquent Vacant Land List above).
  • Interested buyers contact either the Allen County Treasurer’s Office or the CVTS regarding acquiring specific parcels of abandoned vacant lands.
  • Buyer pays the $375 (estimated at this time) to the CVTS and signs an agreement to purchase the property.
  • Affiant (usually a zoning inspector, or a property inspector, or a law director or their designee for the CVTS) certifies that the delinquent vacant lands are vacant and unoccupied.
  • CVTS petitions Allen County Treasurer to begin administrative foreclosure proceedings. This can be by a simple letter or by a resolution.
  • Foreclosure is initiated before the Allen County Board of Revision.
  • The foreclosure process proceeds much more quickly than a standard foreclosure. All lien holders are joined. If the impositions (delinquent taxes, assessments, penalties & interest) exceed the Auditor’s value of the property, then the property can be directly conveyed to the appropriate electing CVTS without advertising or a Sheriff’s auction sale.
  • Allen County Prosecutor bills the CVTS for the court costs and the CVTS pays the fee that was originally deposited by the purchaser.
  • Allen County Sheriff’s Department deeds the property to the CVTS, then CVTS deeds to the purchaser.


Note: The Allen County Treasurer’s Office and their representative from the Prosecutor’s Office will assist all CVTS in all steps in this process and look forward to your participation in these proceedings.

Krista Bohn,
Allen County Treasurer

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